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Towards carbon-free solutions: let's go hydrogen

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

RESHIP project aims to redesign the power and propulsion system for hydrogen powered vessels.

Courtesy of HYSILABS

One of the key aspect in the RESHIP project is to research on the energy efficiency solution on the onboard utilisation of hydrogen. Linking with ESDs for hydrogen powered ships, a holistic solution will be proposed to maximise the energy saving performance. With hydrogen bringing drastic change to ships, the utilisation of hydrogen onboard has been focusing on mostly feasibilities instead of efficiencies. In fact, the use of hydrogen onboard limited by technology solution is regarded as an energy expensive process with significant energy loss.

"RESHIP project aims to redefine energy efficiency solutions not only from the hydrodynamics point of view but also researching on the whole hydrogen to power process to redesign the power and propulsion system for hydrogen powered vessels."

The big challenge that currently hinders the deployment of hydrogen as a real solution for carbon-free, efficient mobility is how to transport and store it in a safe and economic way. The ideal solution for mass delivery has to:

  1. be a liquid, to take advantage of the existing fossil fuel infrastructures;

  2. be non-dangerous and stable to be easily and safely handled;

  3. contain high hydrogen density;

  4. be cost competitive.

The research to be conducted in the project is focusing around the energy efficiency measures for an innovative Liquid Inorganic Hydrogen Carrier (LIHC), called HydroSil. Consortium partner, HySiLabs, has developed and patented this liquid silicon hydride derivative which is looking to be applied onboard.



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