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RESHIP at TRA 2024

The Newcastle University team, Weichao Shi and Mina Tadros, had a highly rewarding experience attending the TRA 2024 conference from April 15-18.

The innovative results of the RESHIP project, which explored Tubercle Assisted Propulsion (TAP) technology inspired by humpback whale flippers to enhance maritime propulsion efficiency, were presented at TRA 2024.

Additionally, the Newcastle University teams showcased HydroSil, a pioneering energy-efficient liquid inorganic hydrogen carrier aimed at improving energy performance in marine and inland waterways.

The conference, a leading event in transport research, provided an excellent platform for engaging with industry experts, academics, and policymakers. The enthusiastic reception and stimulating discussions around our presentations highlighted the importance and potential impact of our work. This experience not only validated our research efforts but also fostered potential collaborations and new research opportunities, reinforcing our commitment to advancing sustainable maritime technology.


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