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N.1 of the e-newsletter is online

Updated: Apr 25

The first issue of the·e-newsletter is ready for downloading!!!! 


WP2 involves the creation of periodic e-newsletters to inform you on the latest news and updates about RESHIP.

The first issue of the newsletter includes the following articles:

  1. Who we are...the RESHIP Project

  2. Let's sail together...on board the "Fortuna Crane"

  3. OS ENERGY experience on board "Fortuna Crane"

  4. Let's go hydrogen

  5. Photogrammetry and 3D scanning for digitalizing "Fortuna Crane"

  6. WP3 takes inspiration from nature...the tubercles assisted propellers

  7. Insights into ducted propellers

  8. RESHIPing...but not only seagoing vessels

  9. "The long and winding road"

  10. Telling about RESHIP

Download PDF • 11.94MB

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